Newcomers Elmers Net: More Radio-Related Web Sites!!  Robert AK3Q   04.22.18

Here are the sites we talked about on the net, as well as some we did not, and Howard’s list (KD8WOY) at the bottom. Cheers! Robert


Robert, here are the YouTube folks I watch:

(1=I look at it every time I sit down in front of a computer/TV,

2= will check out topics every 2-4 days,

3= will check out topics weekly,
4= looked at a specific topic once and only return once in a while)


1. Radio Workshop- talks about old radio repairs, pirate stations in the 60's and ghost stories- great story teller I think he's like Garrison Keillor sort of, I've even corresponded with him via email)


1. W2AEW- very good technical- a lot of oscilloscope work because he works for Tektronix- he also does a lot of smith chart stuff so if you are interested in smith charts, here's where to go, he has a couple basic scope presentations, one is called scopes for dopes, but he's very good

1. Jim W6LG- another great speaker and presenter (up there with W2AEW)- broad topics on art of the QSO, etiquette, measuring loss in coax connection type topics, reviews of equipment/antennas- I really like this guy (he had one presentation for ham's addressing blood clots caused by sitting too long at the computer (contests?) he knows he almost died from one.)

2. All American Five Radio- some theory, antennas, circuit design etc.- very well spoken although some may find him monatonus/dry (Note that the All American Five Radio refers to the five valve radios that were predominate in the early days)

2. Radio Prepper- French guy living now in France once upon a time in USA- I like him he has good presentations on good topics qrp stuff, CW stuff, antennas

2. DX Commander- Don't let the hairdo fool you (mohawk?) he's actually funny, a little fast but well spoken, and he does good topics - a lot of antennas

2. mjlorton- good presenter, equipment reviews and test techniques (if I remember right)

2. Mr. Carlson's Lab- circuits, testing, old radio and amplifier repair etc. I like this guy, he does a good job with pertinent topics

2. Ham Nation- with Bob Heil, Gordon West, and 2-4 others all very good, weekly (Wed night) program, also has Dr. Tamitha Skov to give her brilliant sun/space weather program. ROBERT-YOU HAVE TO MENTION DR SKOV’S PRESENTATIONS-THEY'RE GREAT AND TIMELY

3. Amateur Logic- not bad they just did a couple interviews with Clyde Haehnle about WLW and VOA


3. QRP School- obviously QRP and some CW/Morse code discussions

3. EEVblog- all things electronics- kinda loud and energetic but interesting stuff, Australian chap


3. K6UDA- a ham out of California-does a lot of equipment reviews and sometimes has gorgeous female copresenters- (I sometimes watch just to see what they're up to <grin>)


4. Ham Radio Concepts- I forget why I subscribed to this- haven't listened in a while


Oh and Robert, did I mention Dr Tamitha Skov and that you have to mention her.



That's it