2017 ARDF National Championships – Bob WA6EZV

Six, seven, and eight, three numbers that aptly define the 2017 National ARDF Championships
held between July 31st and August 6th in the Cincinnati and northern Kentucky areas. To elaborate, there were six parks used for training and competition events, seven days of practice and completion, and eight different events.

All of the events went off with only minor problems. This was greatly in part to the efforts of the volunteers who gave their time and effort, performing any and all tasks that needed an extra hand. Here is a big hand to all who participated. Many Thanks. Results are available on ardfusa.com and pictures are being posted on several sites including a Facebook group called Cincinnati ARDF as well as a seven page photo journal on Homingin.com. Look for more to be posted in the near future.

Initial articles are also on the ARRL web site and Homingin.com.

With the exception of a short rain on Friday and a misty rain on Sunday, the weather cooperated for the balance of the week.  Over 100 competitors were in attendance for three days of training and the four main events, Sprints, Fox Orienteering, Classic 2m  xand 80M events.

It was a great time and a very successful event. Again, many thanks to all the volunteers and the hard work of the event directors, Brian, K4BRI, Dick, WB4SUV, Mike Minium of OCIN, and Matt Robins, AA9YH.

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