10-yr Old Nikilesh Kashyap Passes His Technician’s License!!!

Congratulations to 10-yr old Nikilesh Kashyap (and proud papa Raajesh!) on passing his Technician’s License at Milford’s testing site. On 1/16/18 Nikilesh was given the call sign KE8IPE and has already made contacts and checked into the Newcomers and Elmers Net this past Sunday night.

According to Raajesh (KE8BEJ OHKYIN member) Nikilesh used the following sequence to prepare:

1. Quick lessons on electronics from dad – resistors, capacitors, transistors, voltage and current etc. He assembled his own AM radio from the electronic snap circuits kit from Elenco, using their guides. We even did some basic soldering together using a kit from Microcenter.

2. The technician study guide from http://www.kb6nu.com/study-guides/. He finished reading every page in about 4 days.

3. Practice exams from hamexam.org and Ham Test Prep (Android app)

4. Since I don’t have an HF radio, we used the PL-880 shortwave radio we have, tuned into the PSK-31 frequency and were lucky to get some transmissions one night (7.070 MHz I think). We don’t have a connector so we just placed the radio in front of the laptop where I installed the Fldigi software and were able to see all the communication happening on the screen. He got pretty excited looking at that at about 12 midnight once 🙂

5. We are both learning and improving our Morse code using an app called Morse Trainer just for fun.

Well done Nikilesh!! You have a very bright future ahead of you indeed, and we looking forward to working you on the air, as well as hearing of your continued progress in the hobby!

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