Wow! What a heat wave! Yesterday was 77 degrees! In February! I had an inspiration just before dinner time to fire up the grill! Who knows when I will get to do that again. Today of course is rainy and flooding is expected around the area. That’s the Cincinnati area for you! Welcome Jerry Shipp (W1SCR) to the position of Vice-President! Jerry brings a great deal of experience to the post, as well as a real enthusiasm for the hobby. Thank you, Jerry, for stepping up to serve! Our February meeting was well attended with some very timely information. Tom Delaney gave us a nice rundown of the recent issues facing the ARRL so as to answer questions and bring some sense to all the rumors floating about. With the resignation/retirement of the current president of the ARRL the board has reconsidered some of the more controversial steps which have been taken over the last couple of years, and is reviewing policies and procedures, while welcoming feedback from membership. Thanks Tom!

We also discussed and demonstrated WSJT-X, particularly T8, a mode which is sweeping the amateur
world. The mode is robust, already mature, and being used by DXpeditions around the world, as well as folks interested in DX chasing and filling out their WAS (Worked All States) needs on multiple bands. Once again we have exciting news of one of our own passing their Technician license: 13-yr old Julianna DiBenedetto passed her Technician’s license test on Feb. 8th!! Way to go Julia!! Julia has been active with the club for several years, having been at several field days, many meetings, and even operating the GOTA stations. She has put up with our good-natured ribbing about getting her license, so now we’ll give her a bit of a break, at least until it is time for her to get her General ticket! She plans to study for that over the summer when school is out.

Julia has the call sign KE8IUU, so make sure you say hello when you hear her on the air. And of course,
congratulate her proud Dad who has encouraged her along the way. Way to go Dad!! In our March meeting we have what promises to be a great presentation by Ohio Section Manager Scott Yonally N8SY on DMR Radios, with some bonus tips and tricks! Many in our club have purchased DMR  radios, and more want to, but need a little help understanding this commercial technology which has
been brought into the amateur world. Scott will try to demystify some of the terms and operational
schemes of this mode. I know I need the help!

Bruce, N8BV, announced for those of you who are operating packet radio on 145.010, the K8SCH-7 KaNode and UC digipeater is back on the air. It is located very near the University of Cincinnati. Signal reports etc., are welcome at N8BV-1 or at Finally, I want to make a plug for folks to make use of our repeaters – we have 4 of them, not just the 670 repeater! They provide good coverage of the greater Cincinnati area, and they are there for your use! I know I like talking radio with folks, and I bet you do too. So put a call out and start a conversation in which you want to participate!!

I hope to see you all at the March meeting!

Cheers! Robert AK3Q

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