Winter Field Day 2020

Winter Field Day 2020 is upon us! OH-KY-IN is again teaming up with QCEN, but this year at two different locations: outdoors at Harvest Home Park in Cheviot and indoors at the American Red Cross. Operations begin 2:00 PM on Saturday, January 25th and end at 2:00 PM on Sunday, January 26th. Both sites will be active all night and no signup is required to operate.

For outdoor activities, operations will be at the barn at Harvest Home Park, 3961 N Bend Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45211 under the K8SCH call sign as 3A. Feel free to bring a radio, antenna and battery and play. Or just show up and use one of the several rigs available as well. This event will be very informal. We will begin setup around 12:00 PM on Saturday. Chef John will be fueling the crew with chili spaghetti and cheese coneys for dinner on Saturday.

For indoor activities, operations will be at 2111 Dana Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45207 under the W8VVL call sign. Due to building security, call in is via the 146.24 MHz with a PL123 or call the number posted on the door. There will be plenty of food including chili spaghetti and cheese coneys.

Rule and other details about Winter Field Day can be found at the official website:

Come on out to one or both sites and operate. We hope to see you there! 73!

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