80m ARDF Practice – Saturday, April 17th at Stanbery Park

There will be an 80m classic ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) practice session on Saturday, April 17th starting at 10:00 AM at Stanbery Park. Note this is the third weekend of the month, not the second! If you don’t have equipment, there is a limited number of antennas and receivers available for loan. Note the 10:00 AM start time is when the first hunter leaves the starting area, so plan on arriving a reasonable time beforehand. All skill levels are welcome!

Stanbery Park is located at 2221 Oxford Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230 in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Cincinnati.

Please let Brian K4BRI know in advance that you are attending and if you will need to borrow equipment. He can be reached via email at k4bri@arrl.net.

Amateur Radio Direction Finding, or ARDF, is a radiosport combining the compass and map reading skills of orienteering with radio direction finding. Competitors race to find radio transmitters hidden in a topographically diverse area.


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