Field Day 2021

Field Day 2021 is almost upon us and OH-KY-IN ARS is back at the usual location at Mitchell Memorial Forest, operating as class 3A under the club call of K8SCH.

Setup begins on Friday, June 25th at 2:00 PM EDT. Please stop by and lend a hand as there is plenty to do. We will also order out Wild Mike’s after setup, so remember to bring some cash if you want some wings.

Field Day officially kicks off at 2:00 PM EDT on Saturday, June 26th and runs through to 2:00 PM EDT on Sunday, June 27th. OH-KY-IN will be operating three primary stations: SSB, CW and Digital/backup SSB. There will also be a 6m/VHF/UHF station with NTS traffic handling and a GOTA – Get On the Air station for non-hams to try out some HF communication.

Other activities will include a VE testing session at 10:00 AM ED on Saturday, an introductory ARDF-style fox hunt on Saturday afternoon and demonstrations of satellite operations throughout the event. There will also be a bonfire after dark that will most likely be big enough to be seen from the ISS!

For those staying the night and working the overnight shift, there will also be the annual Midnight Steak Out. Please provide you own steak as Chef John N8JTP will provide some add-ons (peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic bread) while Eric N8YC will provide the annual Culinary Curveball appetizer.

Note that there will be no club cookout this year; food is only available for those working the event, so please contact Eric N8YC at to signup to work two hour slots for the three primary stations.

Mitchell Memorial Forest is located at 5401 Zion Rd, Cleves, OH 45002. Great Parks of Hamilton County has waived the parking fee, so make sure to tell them you are with OH-KY-IN so you are not charged. Please park in the paved parking lot for our area, the Pine Meadow Youth Camp. If you are handicapped or have difficulty walking up from the parking lot, there is a limited number of spaces reserved for setup on the access road next to the privy that can be used. Talk-in will be on the club’s primary repeater – 146.670 + PL 123.0. There will also be signs starting on Buffalo Ridge Road to point you in the right direction.

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