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It’s Saturday afternoon, the first annual OH-KY-IN Seminar is in the record books! It was our highest-attended Seminar to date <grin>! In all seriousness it was a well-attended meeting with about 22-23 folks all told, and with four presentations given.

First, a big “Thank You” to Dennis KD8ILY for arranging our location; many thanks to Dave K8WDA, Gary KB8MYC, and Brian K4BRI for their excellent, excellent presentations, and a big thank you to all who showed up and participated in the event. This was out first foray into doing a seminar, and everyone made it a success! If you missed it, all I can say is plan to attend next year!!

BrianK4BRI talking about Circuit Board Design

Dave K8WDA leading a hands-on soldering class


April also featured Jim WB4CTX at our club meeting talking about HF DXing with a Modest Station, and the positive response was overwhelming! A bit sassy and a whole lot funny, Jim had some excellent advice for working DX stations which others might consider an “inadequate station!” Laughter and learning are always a great combination!

Coming up in May we have our own team of Brian (K4BRI) and Eric (N8YC) demonstrating Flight Tracking – you won’t want to miss it!! And in June, Dave K8WDA will be sharing “Some Early History of Amateur Radio” along with our Field Day guru Eric N8YC giving us a quick overview of Field Day 2018.

As mentioned last time, planning is already underway for our annual Hamfest in September – don’t wait to be asked, let Gary (KB8MYC) know you want to help! There is a lot of planning and work to making a successful hamfest, but it is also fun! The more folks who get involved the easier and more enjoyable it is for everyone.

Meanwhile Dayton Hamvention is coming up in May, and the Milford Hamfest is coming up in June. QCEN will have some tables at Dayton and have graciously offered us space for those who would like to sell some equipment, and of course, they can use some help manning the tables Friday and Saturday. K4bThere’s lots of opportunities to get some new equipment or sell some of your old gear to make room for new!

See you all at the May meeting!

Cheers! Robert AK3Q