Amazon Smiles

Amazon Smile! You shop. Amazon gives to OH-KY-IN.

Do you make purchases from

If so you can help OH-KY-IN earn money from your purchases.

The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is an eligible organization to receive .05% from most of the purchases you make from Amazon.

How does this work?
Go to and all of the information about how this works is there.

On that page you can make your selection of what eligible organization you want the rewards from your purchases to be sent to.

Type OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society into the box it will locate our club.

Make that your selection and then you are done.

Once you have that set you can then start making purchases and our club will reap the benefits. The only thing that is different is that when you make purchases from Amazon, you’ll need to go to rather than just Nothing else will be different than what it was previously with your purchases and/or your account with amazon. This is explained on the webpage where you made your selection. And you can change your charitable organization selection at any time if you should decide not to have rewards from your purchases go to OH-KY-IN any longer (we sure hope that doesn’t happen!).

So once you’ve selected OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society as your charitable organization of choice, when you make purchases from Amazon you just need to remember to go to and make your purchases from there. It’s that easy!