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Power Cord
No Mic
Hy-GainCD-4511 Control
TRA-4 Rotor
Rotor & Control Box$150.00
CushcraftMA5BHF Vertical Antenna
$200.00Manufacturer Site
Antenna Is Taken Down In Storage
BaofengSM01HT Microphone4.99New In Box
AstronRS-7APower Supply
7 Amp - 5 Amp Cont
KenwoodPS-53Power Supply
22 Amp
Direct Cable Connection
Tram ElectronicsXL-100 - Radio
PS-103 - Power Supply
23 CH CB
Very Old Tube Type With PSU & Mic
IcomIC-718HF Tranceiver
10 to 180 M
IcomAT-180Desktop Auto Tuner$200.00
LDGRT/RC-100Remote Antenna Tuner with Controller$150.00
BaofengUV-5R V2+HT 4 Watts 144/440$25.00

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