Have questions about your amateur radio projects or need advice on which rig or antenna to buy? Bring your technical, procedural or operational questions to the TechTalk net, and participants will attempt to provide an answer.

The Tech Talk net meets every Wednesday evening at 9:00pm on the 146.670 (-) PL 123 repeater. After questions and announcements have been completed, the weekly Amateur Radio Newsline and Amateur News Weekly amateur radio news reports are played.

Net Control Station Line Up:

  • 1st Wednesday –   Bob, W8CRO
  • 2nd Wednesday – Mike, N8MRS
  • 3rd Wednesday – Dale, KC8HQS
  • 4th Wednesday – George, N3VQW
  • 5th Wednesday – Rick, KD4PYR

Tech Talk Net Manager – Bruce, N8BV

The Tech Talk Net preamble for net control stations can be found here:

TechTalk Preamble