Winter Field Day 2021

Winter Field Day 2021 is just around the corner. This annual, 24 hour field operation and emergency operating preparedness event is the last full weekend in January from 1900 UTC on Saturday to 1900 UTC on Sunday. For 2021, WFD falls on January 30th and 31st. Due to the continuing pandemic, OH-KY-IN ARS will not be getting together to operate for this event. However, rule changes have been made to accommodate clubs and groups not being able to congregate. This year, a group can have individual member scores tallied into a group aggregate score. To have your score added to the OH-KY-IN club score, put “OH-KY-IN ARS” in the CLUB line of your Cabrillo log submission. You must still operate and submit your log under your own individual call sign, but your individual score will be added to OH-KY-IN’s aggregate score.

You can also post your scores real time using the OH-KY-IN Club Scores page. Please see instructions for N3FJP setup here: You can view scores here:

Please see the official Winter Field Day website for rules and details:

Good luck and 73!